The Bug – London Zoo

You can count the number of times I’ve been to the big smoke on one hand, possibly even with one finger. The last time I visited the capital was for a trip to the Imperial War Museum. So far, so very 2001 school trip-esque. Frequent visitors of the Imperial War Museum, I’d imagine, would listen to a fair bit of Johan Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus and popular classical music. The collaborators on this album, I’d wager, are not frequent visitors of the Imperial War Museum. Not because of a lack of intelligence or interest but because of their culture. An underground culture.

Underground culture usually goes hand in hand with experimental music, or at the very least music that won’t be appreciated/heard by a wider audience but on London Zoo, The Bug have not only tore the perceived rulebook in half they’ve only gone and done graffiti of their lyrics on the remnants of it’s pages.

The first two tracks Angry (feat Tippa Irie) and Murder We (feat Ricky Ranking) are two storming opening tracks. The likes of which bring the manic dancing throughout dub clubs to the the imagination. The lyrics – and this applies to the whole of the album – if not easily fed into your mind are ‘spat’ at an impressively fast speed.

Insane (feat Warrior Queen) is the best female led track on the album. It’s short, sharp and punchy and is one of the many tracks on here you can wig out too.

The lyrics on this album seem to have a lot of anger within them but this doesn’t get in the way of the records quality. In a sense – and with all it’s anger, re-appearing collaborators and at times chaotically paced songs – it’s more of a punk record than a dub record. The album title alone suggests a collective spirit, that band of brothers ideal that was so firmly entrenched in the punk movement. It’s the kind of album Lethal Bizzle strives to make.

The Bug is the biggest surprise I’ve had since starting this blog. Surprised at just how good it is and surprised at how much I actually do like it. It’s not normally the kind of thing I’d listen to but I’m so glad I got the opportunity. You can listen to London Zoo on spotify now, just click here.

Next week on Spotify Tapes we open the door on the chain to Brokencyde, then fool them by opening it fully only to slam the door in their faces. It’s going to be painful.

Also, I should probably state that I haven’t been paid by the record company to review this. What with these new ridiculous rules. And no, there’s no illegal downloading going on here, it’s all legal and on spotify so look somewhere else.



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2 responses to “The Bug – London Zoo

  1. glad you liked it.

    One of the best, if not the best album of last year for me. But, have to disagree, I prefer poison dart by Warrior Queen (I’m still kicking myself I never made it down to The Bug’s club night when she was on the mic). She did some good tracks with Skream too, if I remember.

    For some reason her vocal delivery reminds me of disgruntled middle aged/old Afro Caribbean women on buses (I’m not quite sure why the government doesn’t pay them to crack down on youth delinquency)

    You might like Major Laser’s album too, if you’ve not heard of it. It’s mutant dancehall, done by one Glitch techno bod (what ever ‘glitch techno’ is, I swear they are just inventing genres to make me feel old), and M.I.A.’s producer. There are some superb Major Laser videos on youtube (officially put there).

    Anyhoo must dash, I forgot how much I love the work of Ian Svenonius (he was the lead singer in Make Up and Nation of Ulysses), and I’ve discovered he’s got a new band (Chain and the Gang), so I’m right up all in there with the Gospel infused political garage punk.

  2. Ooh, this Chain and the Gang stuff is out on K Records. This appeals to me, I like K Records. NoU are always a band I’ve thought I should check out, I like a lot of the stuff put out on Dischord like Jawbox so I’d presume it’s in that vein. Also, Svenonius’ book, The Psychic Soviet, sounds interesting.

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